Where is the Hingham Real Estate Market as of October 2022?

Where is the Hingham Real Estate Market as of October 2022?

As a result of the pandemic’s effect on supply and demand, the real estate market in Hingham has seen prices reach previously unachievable levels. In the face of increased levels of competition, sellers have been able to raise their asking prices, in large part, to the fact that there are insufficient quantities of available inventory and lending rates that are historically low but are rising.
However, it is important to point out that the most recent price rises seem to be losing steam. The most recent increase in interest rates has resulted in a decline in the number of mortgage applications and may indicate that the housing market is beginning to cool. This does not imply that the real estate market in Hingham is experiencing difficulties; rather, it suggests that the recent activity may indicate the beginning of a return to normalcy in the market.
The Hingham real estate market unquestionably has a ways to go before accommodating buyers and sellers equally. Still, the most recent trends are moving in the right direction, so there is a reason for optimism about the market’s future. When inventory can finally keep up with demand, there will be a rise in activity, which will benefit everybody.

Increase in Inventory

Low inventory has been a problem in the Hingham real estate market for some time now. That only means that the supply of available houses was insufficient to match the demand for them, a trend in the housing market that saw worse in 2020. However, there is a ray of light: In 2022, the increase of 50 percent in available homes is the greatest increase ever.

Stabilization of Mortgage Rates

In 2021, the typical interest rate on a mortgage, often known as the “interest fee creditors charge as a proportion of your loan amount,” fell to its lowest level ever recorded. However, it has increased since that time.
The average interest rate on a mortgage has increased by 1.07% in the past year, making it the highest it has been in some time. The most recent decision made by the Fed was to raise the benchmark interest rate, which led to the increase; however, this is not projected to be the last increase in this series. If the Fed stays true to its word, home purchase prices will continue to stabilize throughout the year 2022, making homeownership even more achievable than it is now.

Moderation of Sales Prices in Hingham

Over the past year, supply and demand limits have led to a significant increase in housing prices. On the other hand, it has been anticipated that the prices would continue to go up in the future.
However, in 2022 we are experiencing moderate housing sale prices in Hingham. The price at which most sales are made is $1.3 million. A rise of 55% from the year 2020. With an average number of days on the market of 13 and a sale price of $488 per square foot, there are still buyers out there looking for properties!


Real estate in Hingham is at the leading edge of national trends. Hingham has established a high standard, partly due to the state’s improving economy. The entire state has seen significant advances in practically every economic statistic, which has benefited real estate. All parties (buyers, sellers, and investors) have a good reason to invest in the future of housing. Ready to buy, sell, or invest in a home? Give me a call at (617) 240-1292, I’d love to be your guide!

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